The artificial everything


He told her they were going on a holiday and being over excited she went and prepared for this awesome trip. She had a beautiful weave done on her, and she immediately rushed to put on the best of nails in one of the best salon in her town. She slept over at his place during the weekends and during the week at her parents’ house. She spent all her savings to get all this done and she packed her bag bag filled with the most gorgeous of clothes and went to him.

He seemed so tired throughout the rest of that night and she understood; he was from work. By the time it was morning she was already awake and ready to go where the holiday will lead, he did not tell her where they were going. She prepared everything needed to go on the trip. She went on to make sure her hair is still on point, her nails are also on fleek and that her make-up is drop dead gorgeous. He was in the kitchen waiting for her, she came and it was time to hit the road. He was on the phone and she showed up looking amzingly beautiful. He looked at her and after a few minutes of doing so, he told her to go back and change everything because he was not going anywhere with a doll.

The artificial hair,

The artificial nails,

The make-up…

He did not like it.

After wasting all her savings.

This is my response to the Daily post



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