Unnecessary catfight

She was madly inlove with him. She bragged about him to her friends. Everyday they were ready to hear what is it she had to say about him. The y on the other hand were always compaining about their boyfriends. She found out he was cheating on her and her friends who were very experienced about dating, told her to be a woman and fight for what is hers.

The seven high school girls, sniffed and digged who the man snatcher was. They found her and she was going to pay, they discussed. They went after her when school was out. They gathered around her and insulted her infornt of all the learners who were gathered to see what was happening. The ladies threw words at each other and cat fifght began. The girlfriend was winning while the side chick was receiving a lot of hot blows.

The boyfriend was just hanging out with his friends in the school yard when he heard there was a cat fight. Not jnowing who was fighting, he and his friends rushed to see the fight. High school kids enjoyed cat fights a lot than their school work. He got there just two find two familiar faces and it came to his mind that they were fighting for him.

He got in the middle of the two girls and his left his girlfriend in a shock of her life as he picked the side chick over her.


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