Monday took her husband away


I don’t see him much. I have realised that he comes for a short while and leave. He came home to them just this past Friday. I sat outside the house and had my breakfast. I finished eating and headed straight to social media. I looked to the side just to see her standing at the gate. A few minutes later, the family car was coming out of the garage. A trip to town, I thought.

I went back to my social media and when I looked again he was leaving alone. She was now closing the gate. The main road was just a few meters away from their house and she stood at the gate watching him drive away. She waited until the car disappeared and dragged herself to close the garage door. She looked to my side and saw that I was looking at her and she hurried away.

I could see pain of watching him leave written all over her. Just this Friday he was there and Monday took him away. But he had to leave. They need him working to take care of them. He left for the mine and I wondered what his wife was now doing after hurrying away. Was she sitting down? Was she lying on bed crying? Was she doing house chores? I could not tell, Monday took her husband away.


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