Romeo and Juliet


It has not rained in a long time. The heat waves were also unbearable in the whole country. They were always reporting about them in the news. Now those two loved to sneak. Their parents still followed old tradition and thought dating was not for high school kids. They sneaked out anyway.

They always met at their favourite corner, cuddled and whispered sweet nothing to each other’s ears. One family in their community was experiencing the most painful time of their life. The good news is that some parts of the country received rain but the storms passed with that family’s roof. Their house was left bare and it was the talk of the village. They did not touch the roof which was lying beside their house. The walls of theย  house were still in a good condition.

The night was still windy just as it was the previous night when it rained. The love birds kept each other warm as they spoke about everything and anything. Their parents thought they were sleeping. They spent their windy night in their favourite corner, speaking about everything. The wind became too much and they just remained there in their corner, they couldn’t leave just yet.

The following morning, they were found lying dead just a few centimetres from their favourite corner. One of the women who went early to work found them lying there and screamed. Within a few minutes, community members had gathered there. Their parents got there just to faint in disbelief. They were gone, it was very clear. The paramedics confirmed it and took their parents to the hospital. The roof which was left untouched, got carried by the wind and the love birds were immediately visited by the angel of death.



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