He was a very cute face but he lacked muscles and so she did not want him. That one wore baggy layered clothes and that turned her off. He had tattoos all over him and she disliked all men with such, she regarded them as dirty and uncool. As for that one he had the body she wanted but his voice was too soprano for someone with testosterone in him. Oh he sure as needed classes about dress code; he dressed like a hooligan.

Day after day, night after night she was lonely with her list of the traits of the right man. She walked in her suave clothes, with her eyes wide open to Google her potential ‘perfect man’… but her eyes could only spot the negatives. “Maybe if we hooked you up with Pat, he would make such a good man. You are getting old “. She wouldn’t mind him but his job was of lower standard than hers and so she feared disrespecting him.


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