Caring a lot really does hurt

Caring a lot really does hurt. You realise much and you hurt. Those who are careless always do bad things but because they don’t care they live a light life. Caring is supposed to beautiful but it is funnily not easy and heavy. I don’t want to wear tight fit dresses simply because the belly. You know why, I have seen someone with a flat stomach and realised how gorgeous they looked and that’s it my world fell apart. As for my confidence it was thrown out the window.

Remember that time you stressed because you have a pimple? Where your whole confidence was shaken just because your skin was  not flawless? It’s crazy right but it happens. Rememeber that time you were walking around your university campus during exam time without books and all students were walking around with books and you stressed that you were not studying while others did. You do study but just because a bunch of students were carrying books made you feel like you are not. Some of us can even spot that our belly fat increased by a milimeter.

Caring too much really hurt. This is because when you care , you realise and when you realise something you react to it. I know carrying is good and should be a trait all of us contain but sometimes it does hurt.


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