Gone with the goat

They left the village when he was just a few months old. His father had just got a job in the city and they moved there. They visited the village in the summer school holidays during his early years as a toddler but they stopped. His father became very broke, things started not to go well for him at work. He had to drop out of his degree that year because there was no money for his tuition fees. So they went back to the village. Their house was close to collapse because they had abandoned it as they lived in the one in the city.

His father fixed there and there and they stayed without problems. He was an inquisitive environmental studies student. He loved studying about nature more than anything. He had already made friends in the village and he enjoyed being with them. His father was told the reason why things were not going well for him was because the ancestors were angry and that he needed to perform a ritual to appease them. His son always laughed at the idea of dead people being angry and giving commands for a goat to be slaughtered. He mocked the idea from the beginning of the preparations for the ritual until the day the ritual was actually taking place.

There was a forest in the middle of the community. It was untouched and respected. It was a place for the ancestors and they rested there. Rituals were performed there to make them happy. People were always warned that if they just went randomly, they would never come back. So everyone kept their distance from there and the forest was really beautiful. He loved how those people practiced resource management although he felt they should not scare people when doing it.

He accompanied his parents to do the ritual and they were tied on the face so they don’t see anything that the elder who was performing a ritual for them did. The elder also closed his eyes after slaughtering the goat because they were not allowed to see the ancestors when they take the goat. He kept on laughing and commenting about the money wasted, how funny all they were doing was. There was a sudden wind, accompanied by the scariest of sounds. It sounded like angry people were talking. Everyone was shivering and really scared. They did not get what was happening. The violent wind was gone after a few minutes. It was like someone was there to do something and leave.

They were still tied with a bandana on the eyes and the elder still had his eyes closed. He complained saying, “a mild tornado passed and you don’t untie us? What if it was huge, what then? Hey don’t touch me, untie me. Hey stop touching me and get rid of your bandana, this ritual thing is a waste of time.” There was a sudden moment of silence and when his parents opened their eyes to see, the goat and their son were gone. Who was touching him?

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I think I am obsessed with this life or something (celebville). Funny enough, I don’t want it but I know I want to be a scriptwriter, songwriter, model, fashion designer, actress, director and producer added to my bio. I am already a blogger and I want that chain i mentioned on my name as well. I love to look at those my age to see what they have achieved and when i look at myself, I tend to get sad because I am 20 and I have done nothing related to those things I want to pursue. You look at Zendaya, you look at Natasha Thahane, you look at Keke Palmer, you look at Selene Gomez, those are my favorites but seeing where they are now makes me wonder if I will ever get there. I also love Hilary Duff too.

I am unskilled in many places and I have a lot of stuff to learn but sometimes I doubt whether it is good idea to feed my dream of wanting to be in the media industry. I mean watch this:


I love fashion modeling to come nice but they require that “height” I don’t have. If it was possible to search for it and get it I would do so but I am kinda happy with my height I like it lots. I am 20, I still don’t know how to apply make-up, be it lipstick, mascara, eyebrow pencil, etc. Yes I am a girl by the way and I also don’t put on nail polish, like who does that?  Me J When it comes to fashion sense I just don’t cut but I have a lot of fashion thoughts in my head I just don’t get why they are residing in there. Let’s talk about heels, hahaha I need a school I it exists but still in all these negatives, I still dig modeling and I love it so much. I also love fitness modeling but I would need to hit the gym, I am not fit and HEALTHY at the moment because of my eating habits. I keep saying I am waiting for motivation to exercise but will it come? No, I am supposed to be my own motivation. I will need to fix my body (exercise and eat healthy), my face (face what what routines), my hair (I just plait it but no treatment nothing) and yeah my confidence. But whatever, I love modeling so much I will be in a modeling agency someday and in that magazine, billboard and commercials.

Fashion designer

Did I say I can’t sew to save my life? Yes. Did I say I can’t draw too? Yes. Man I don’t even know where the thought for design came from but I have ideas in my head and I think I am being left behind because the fashion scene is constantly changing and I also need to trend: in my mind at the moment. So I literally need school to learn everything from scratch but they mostly require mood boards and portfolios which I am afraid may ruin my chances. Yet, the ideas are there in my head. Like in there but hey, you need to prove you can do this. Even though I don’t have a single skill, I am fashion designer; it is just a formality until I am there.


Let’s pass this one. I don’t even have the words to describe how worse it is but I will be in those screens too. I love my faith and enthusiasm for the media industry right now but I will need to put on my socks to can even pull the up.

You know what every day (let’s say when I have data), I am on my instagram looking at these celebrities I adore, love and look up to. But they worked hard to get where they are and I need to do so too. I wish there was a show asking them how they just up and got where they are, like every single detail of the journey, some of us could really learn a thing or two. I just hate the fame part though, where people scream when you are around, the lack of privacy and many other bad things but Maya Angelou say “the worst agony is living with an untold story” so I guess I will find a way to live a normal in those glam and glitter world. I am writing as if I am on a bus going to the places where the media industry is thriving in South Africa but no I am in my room studying for exam.

I love Ntokozo Mbatha, Nqubeko Mbatha, Nandi Madida, Nathasha Thahane, Boity Thulo, Amanda Du pont, Pearl Thusi, Dj Zinhle, Terry Pheto,Gert Coetzee, Nhlnhla Nciza, Selena Gomez, Zendaya Coleman, Hilary Duff, Keke Palmer and Jet Club Magazine. These are the people, fashion designers and magazine that I love in the industry. Who do you love in the industry that you finish your data in the social media going after them? I think I really am so obsessed with these people really. But they motivate me with their work.

Disappeared in the wild

I remember exactly how those days used to be. We were so wild and very adventurous. We were always looking forward to go home, take off our clothes and go to play. We didn’t even think about eating food like other kids did after school. We just wanted to go and play. Our parents thought we were playing hide-and seek and soccer in the open fields but we did that for a few minutes and then embarked on our adventure. I always got a beating because I always came back home late.

We ran wildly in the mountains around village. We did not care about snakes or any other dangerous animal for that matter; we had fun to have. We touched the weirdest of things we found and sat there on the mountain looking at the whole village and it was such a great view. If you were a coward, you did not qualify to play with us because we went to the scariest of rivers and sometimes it was dark. So if you were a coward you were not going to survive because we laughed at anyone who cried during the scariest times in our adventure.

Now a boy, just two years older than some of us came into the village. Some of us were way younger than him but he wanted to play us and we did not mind for as long as he kept the rules: “You tell parents you were playing hide and seek when they ask you where you were. You don’t cry when you are scared. We don’t fight one another in the group. Are we clear?” I yelled at him as if to scare him away.

We ate wild herbs growing in the mountain and we did not care whether it was poisonous because it tasted good. We bumped into graves and those were the last thing to be scared of. We ended playing on the grave. There was this grave where we found an old mug and that was creepy but we took and played with it, why not? It was a lot of fun.

Now the new comer was just like us. Maybe it was because he was older than all of us but he gave us no problems. He told us that his mom told him a story that in the rivers there was a monster which took small children who disrespected their parents. We did that and we were not scared of the monster, we played in the river almost every day, it took none of us. Every time we were walking in the bushy, dark and creepy river in the afternoon, he would call the creature by name. Every time he did that there was a small breeze of wind and we appreciated it because as we ran, it got hot and the wind was nice.

All of us called it by name to scare each other and all my friends are gone. They just disappeared and I didn’t see them when they were taken from me. It’s been years since they have been gone and my parents have been keeping me from saying the name of the creature after I told them what happened. “Sister, you think your friends are going to come back?”, my frightened little sister asked me. “No the pi…” “Sister. Sister where are you? Sister!” My little sister cried while shivering and sobbing. It was late and our parents were not back yet. The lights went off. What happened?

The parts in red are how I lived my life with my friends when were young, but ti incoporated the parts written in red to turn this into fiction. My friends are still alive and well,infact they are grown young women and men right now.

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From me to you, stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing stay blessed. God bless you all 🙂

Creating employment in the exam room


Have you ever written that paper whereby you finish so early it scares you? You go back and check grammar issues and any questions you might have left  only to find that you really did finish everything. Well that has happened to me at times. There were those times where I wrote rubbish and it is funny that I wrote so quick I was done a bit early. In order to stick around in the exam room, I create employment for myself.

1 Shading

Shading the likes of a,b,d and e in the exam question paper is my first. I make sure I shade very slowly, I mean it’s a three hour paper, I got to be way slower than a tortoise.

2 Daydream

I semi-daydream about a nice story which end up becoming a short story that I jot down.

3 Erase

I erase slowly the shading on the question paper. What? It is a job and a way to stick around the exam room.

4 lay my head on the table

I lay my head on the table, pretending to be thinking about answers while I know I am not. I am crazy right?

Well before I know it, time has passed and people are leaving the exam room. What I love is that during this ‘creating employment’ of mine, some answers which were gone on a holiday come back and I write them down.

And guess what? I writing this blog post now in the 5th of November, sitting in the exam room because I finished too early and had nothing else to write. The exam paper was not really nice but I feel very positive that I have scored. There were two strange long questions which I didn’t even know how to attempt them.

I hate theory really. This memorising thing is not working for me. The next exam is theory too 😦 like really?  Have a good time writing your exams once again. I am busy creating employment and blog posts 🙂 as I get stuck in the exam. Please share this crazy blog post with your friends and family. I hope they don’t copy what I do 🙂 it’s crazy.


That above is the shading, am talking about and those words there are the blog post you are reading now. I know my handwriting is like a chicken passed by but at least there is typing hahaha. Have a good day everyone. let me dive back into exam fever. Funny enough, I am gaining weight it’s not even funny 😦  I will have to exercise, maybe next year hahaha. I ain’t doing no squats those things are painful. See you in the next blog post 🙂

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I know this is a crazy thing to say but somewhere somehow I hate studying. Well, et me say I hate studying for my degree. My mind is always in other places I wish I were in. Doing things I dream I could do. I am always distracted by these fantasies but I always find my way back to studying. I even say stuff such as “If you don’t want to do this degree for yourself, at least do it for your mother. She is the one paying all the other expenses your loan can’t cover. So do this for her. I am trying though but every day I am getting bored studying. I don’t picture myself in this work anyway. But I don’t want to come back and repeat what I hate.

You see, I feel it is better to take a gap year than to d what I did: went to university looking for space and ended up doing a degree I didn’t want simply because there was space there. I have held on though, I am even completing but my heart is elsewhere. Movies, Songs, Words and all things fabric. Oh not to forget color. Yeah I want to be a song and script writer in my free space. I want to have daily job of directing and producing movies. Did I say fabric and color? Yes, I love fashion design too. Is it possible to all these things at once? I don’t know but I know my heart is there. I have no skills for all these things except some way-way unfinished songs and ideas for movies.

But I write one script, isn’t that a milestone? I don’t know how I am going to make it in those industries I have mentioned but I pray I do. I am normally a coward who doesn’t want to take risks but those industries require you to take risks big time. I will get there. Life is too short to be wasted fantasizing and not doing. I owe it to myself to achieve.

As for my blog, I see it soaring way up there like an eagle but what I am writing right now still does not match the thoughts I have in mind. Nevertheless I will get there. Let me go back to studying, it is exam time. I can’t simply moan right now, it is a wrong wrong time. I love you all and thank you for taking your time to read my blog. I hope you will like this one and I hope you share it with friends too.

I love you all.

From me to you, Stay loving, Stay loved. Stay blessing, Stay blessed. God bless you all.


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My voice

Once upon a time in the mountains of Thaba Chweu, lived a broken young girl in the village of Moremela. She wanted to be a singer with all her heart. She tried all she can find to train herher vocals but they remained bad. She would cry herselfherself to sleep because she was in so much pain. One day ,on a SaturdaySaturday morning, she decided to take a long walk in her village. When she realised that she was far from her home, she decided to turn back before it was dark

On her way back home she bumped into a shepherd. “Hello”, said the shepherd. “What are you doing here all by yourself ?” The shepherd asked. “I was just taking a walk but I am heading back home now sir.” She replied. The shepherd realised that by the time she gets home it would be veryvery dark and so he took her with him to get his cattle and accompany her home. She was so excited, she had never took care of any animal in her life. They sang and laughed. Her voice was suddenly the way she wanted it to be. “What do you think of my voice sir?” “It is such a beautiful voice young lady, you must sing more often.” He replied. She was so happy and kept singing.