My voice

Once upon a time in the mountains of Thaba Chweu, lived a broken young girl in the village of Moremela. She wanted to be a singer with all her heart. She tried all she can find to train herher vocals but they remained bad. She would cry herselfherself to sleep because she was in so much pain. One day ,on a SaturdaySaturday morning, she decided to take a long walk in her village. When she realised that she was far from her home, she decided to turn back before it was dark

On her way back home she bumped into a shepherd. “Hello”, said the shepherd. “What are you doing here all by yourself ?” The shepherd asked. “I was just taking a walk but I am heading back home now sir.” She replied. The shepherd realised that by the time she gets home it would be veryvery dark and so he took her with him to get his cattle and accompany her home. She was so excited, she had never took care of any animal in her life. They sang and laughed. Her voice was suddenly the way she wanted it to be. “What do you think of my voice sir?” “It is such a beautiful voice young lady, you must sing more often.” He replied. She was so happy and kept singing.


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