I know this is a crazy thing to say but somewhere somehow I hate studying. Well, et me say I hate studying for my degree. My mind is always in other places I wish I were in. Doing things I dream I could do. I am always distracted by these fantasies but I always find my way back to studying. I even say stuff such as “If you don’t want to do this degree for yourself, at least do it for your mother. She is the one paying all the other expenses your loan can’t cover. So do this for her. I am trying though but every day I am getting bored studying. I don’t picture myself in this work anyway. But I don’t want to come back and repeat what I hate.

You see, I feel it is better to take a gap year than to d what I did: went to university looking for space and ended up doing a degree I didn’t want simply because there was space there. I have held on though, I am even completing but my heart is elsewhere. Movies, Songs, Words and all things fabric. Oh not to forget color. Yeah I want to be a song and script writer in my free space. I want to have daily job of directing and producing movies. Did I say fabric and color? Yes, I love fashion design too. Is it possible to all these things at once? I don’t know but I know my heart is there. I have no skills for all these things except some way-way unfinished songs and ideas for movies.

But I write one script, isn’t that a milestone? I don’t know how I am going to make it in those industries I have mentioned but I pray I do. I am normally a coward who doesn’t want to take risks but those industries require you to take risks big time. I will get there. Life is too short to be wasted fantasizing and not doing. I owe it to myself to achieve.

As for my blog, I see it soaring way up there like an eagle but what I am writing right now still does not match the thoughts I have in mind. Nevertheless I will get there. Let me go back to studying, it is exam time. I can’t simply moan right now, it is a wrong wrong time. I love you all and thank you for taking your time to read my blog. I hope you will like this one and I hope you share it with friends too.

I love you all.

From me to you, Stay loving, Stay loved. Stay blessing, Stay blessed. God bless you all.


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