Creating employment in the exam room


Have you ever written that paper whereby you finish so early it scares you? You go back and check grammar issues and any questions you might have leftΒ  only to find that you really did finish everything. Well that has happened to me at times. There were those times where I wrote rubbish and it is funny that I wrote so quick I was done a bit early. In order to stick around in the exam room, I create employment for myself.

1 Shading

Shading the likes of a,b,d and e in the exam question paper is my first. I make sure I shade very slowly, I mean it’s a three hour paper, I got to be way slower than a tortoise.

2 Daydream

I semi-daydream about a nice story which end up becoming a short story that I jot down.

3 Erase

I erase slowly the shading on the question paper. What? It is a job and a way to stick around the exam room.

4 lay my head on the table

I lay my head on the table, pretending to be thinking about answers while I know I am not. I am crazy right?

Well before I know it, time has passed and people are leaving the exam room. What I love is that during this ‘creating employment’ of mine, some answers which were gone on a holiday come back and I write them down.

And guess what? I writing this blog post now in the 5th of November, sitting in the exam room because I finished too early and had nothing else to write. The exam paper was not really nice but I feel very positive that I have scored. There were two strange long questions which I didn’t even know how to attempt them.

I hate theory really. This memorising thing is not working for me. The next exam is theory too 😦 like really?Β  Have a good time writing your exams once again. I am busy creating employment and blog posts πŸ™‚ as I get stuck in the exam. Please share this crazy blog post with your friends and family. I hope they don’t copy what I do πŸ™‚ it’s crazy.


That above is the shading, am talking about and those words there are the blog post you are reading now. I know my handwriting is like a chicken passed by but at least there is typing hahaha. Have a good day everyone. let me dive back into exam fever. Funny enough, I am gaining weight it’s not even funny 😦  I will have to exercise, maybe next year hahaha. I ain’t doing no squats those things are painful. See you in the next blog post πŸ™‚

Dot forget to share with friends and family. I would appreciate the suppor πŸ™‚


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