Disappeared in the wild

I remember exactly how those days used to be. We were so wild and very adventurous. We were always looking forward to go home, take off our clothes and go to play. We didn’t even think about eating food like other kids did after school. We just wanted to go and play. Our parents thought we were playing hide-and seek and soccer in the open fields but we did that for a few minutes and then embarked on our adventure. I always got a beating because I always came back home late.

We ran wildly in the mountains around village. We did not care about snakes or any other dangerous animal for that matter; we had fun to have. We touched the weirdest of things we found and sat there on the mountain looking at the whole village and it was such a great view. If you were a coward, you did not qualify to play with us because we went to the scariest of rivers and sometimes it was dark. So if you were a coward you were not going to survive because we laughed at anyone who cried during the scariest times in our adventure.

Now a boy, just two years older than some of us came into the village. Some of us were way younger than him but he wanted to play us and we did not mind for as long as he kept the rules: “You tell parents you were playing hide and seek when they ask you where you were. You don’t cry when you are scared. We don’t fight one another in the group. Are we clear?” I yelled at him as if to scare him away.

We ate wild herbs growing in the mountain and we did not care whether it was poisonous because it tasted good. We bumped into graves and those were the last thing to be scared of. We ended playing on the grave. There was this grave where we found an old mug and that was creepy but we took and played with it, why not? It was a lot of fun.

Now the new comer was just like us. Maybe it was because he was older than all of us but he gave us no problems. He told us that his mom told him a story that in the rivers there was a monster which took small children who disrespected their parents. We did that and we were not scared of the monster, we played in the river almost every day, it took none of us. Every time we were walking in the bushy, dark and creepy river in the afternoon, he would call the creature by name. Every time he did that there was a small breeze of wind and we appreciated it because as we ran, it got hot and the wind was nice.

All of us called it by name to scare each other and all my friends are gone. They just disappeared and I didn’t see them when they were taken from me. It’s been years since they have been gone and my parents have been keeping me from saying the name of the creature after I told them what happened. “Sister, you think your friends are going to come back?”, my frightened little sister asked me. “No the pi…” “Sister. Sister where are you? Sister!” My little sister cried while shivering and sobbing. It was late and our parents were not back yet. The lights went off. What happened?

The parts in red are how I lived my life with my friends when were young, but ti incoporated the parts written in red to turn this into fiction. My friends are still alive and well,infact they are grown young women and men right now.

See you in the next blog post, I love you all.

From me to you, stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing stay blessed. God bless you all 🙂


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