Gone with the goat

They left the village when he was just a few months old. His father had just got a job in the city and they moved there. They visited the village in the summer school holidays during his early years as a toddler but they stopped. His father became very broke, things started not to go well for him at work. He had to drop out of his degree that year because there was no money for his tuition fees. So they went back to the village. Their house was close to collapse because they had abandoned it as they lived in the one in the city.

His father fixed there and there and they stayed without problems. He was an inquisitive environmental studies student. He loved studying about nature more than anything. He had already made friends in the village and he enjoyed being with them. His father was told the reason why things were not going well for him was because the ancestors were angry and that he needed to perform a ritual to appease them. His son always laughed at the idea of dead people being angry and giving commands for a goat to be slaughtered. He mocked the idea from the beginning of the preparations for the ritual until the day the ritual was actually taking place.

There was a forest in the middle of the community. It was untouched and respected. It was a place for the ancestors and they rested there. Rituals were performed there to make them happy. People were always warned that if they just went randomly, they would never come back. So everyone kept their distance from there and the forest was really beautiful. He loved how those people practiced resource management although he felt they should not scare people when doing it.

He accompanied his parents to do the ritual and they were tied on the face so they don’t see anything that the elder who was performing a ritual for them did. The elder also closed his eyes after slaughtering the goat because they were not allowed to see the ancestors when they take the goat. He kept on laughing and commenting about the money wasted, how funny all they were doing was. There was a sudden wind, accompanied by the scariest of sounds. It sounded like angry people were talking. Everyone was shivering and really scared. They did not get what was happening. The violent wind was gone after a few minutes. It was like someone was there to do something and leave.

They were still tied with a bandana on the eyes and the elder still had his eyes closed. He complained saying, “a mild tornado passed and you don’t untie us? What if it was huge, what then? Hey don’t touch me, untie me. Hey stop touching me and get rid of your bandana, this ritual thing is a waste of time.โ€ There was a sudden moment of silence and when his parents opened theirย eyes to see, the goat and their son were gone. Who was touching him?

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