About me


My name is Karyn Dimpho Sekatane. I am an aspiring writer and thinker as well. I love nature, Hair, nails, cars, clothes and I hope to share my favourite of those here on the blog. I believe in empowerment where I always say that “instead of giving someone maize meal which will run out after some time, rather you give that person a seed so that they can plant and have many mealies to make maize meal that will last them their whole life”.

I also believe that young people are the future of the world as they have unleashed visions in their minds that the world need to know about. So young people must never look down on themselves and they must always believe that they are great.

With this blog i hope to give young people information, dazzle them with those current affairs of any isue and spread to them words of wisdom from the one only word of God together with quotes from our famous authors. I want to inspire and encourage young people to use their creativity and uniqueness to change the world using this blog. We all have flaws in life but they do not matter because the dreams, creativity and the ideas one have is what we need to focus on. We are in this world to make a change.

I hope you love and enjoy the blog, after all it is all about the reader.