Gone with the goat

They left the village when he was just a few months old. His father had just got a job in the city and they moved there. They visited the village in the summer school holidays during his early years as a toddler but they stopped. His father became very broke, things started not to go well for him at work. He had to drop out of his degree that year because there was no money for his tuition fees. So they went back to the village. Their house was close to collapse because they had abandoned it as they lived in the one in the city.

His father fixed there and there and they stayed without problems. He was an inquisitive environmental studies student. He loved studying about nature more than anything. He had already made friends in the village and he enjoyed being with them. His father was told the reason why things were not going well for him was because the ancestors were angry and that he needed to perform a ritual to appease them. His son always laughed at the idea of dead people being angry and giving commands for a goat to be slaughtered. He mocked the idea from the beginning of the preparations for the ritual until the day the ritual was actually taking place.

There was a forest in the middle of the community. It was untouched and respected. It was a place for the ancestors and they rested there. Rituals were performed there to make them happy. People were always warned that if they just went randomly, they would never come back. So everyone kept their distance from there and the forest was really beautiful. He loved how those people practiced resource management although he felt they should not scare people when doing it.

He accompanied his parents to do the ritual and they were tied on the face so they don’t see anything that the elder who was performing a ritual for them did. The elder also closed his eyes after slaughtering the goat because they were not allowed to see the ancestors when they take the goat. He kept on laughing and commenting about the money wasted, how funny all they were doing was. There was a sudden wind, accompanied by the scariest of sounds. It sounded like angry people were talking. Everyone was shivering and really scared. They did not get what was happening. The violent wind was gone after a few minutes. It was like someone was there to do something and leave.

They were still tied with a bandana on the eyes and the elder still had his eyes closed. He complained saying, “a mild tornado passed and you don’t untie us? What if it was huge, what then? Hey don’t touch me, untie me. Hey stop touching me and get rid of your bandana, this ritual thing is a waste of time.” There was a sudden moment of silence and when his parents opened their eyes to see, the goat and their son were gone. Who was touching him?

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Disappeared in the wild

I remember exactly how those days used to be. We were so wild and very adventurous. We were always looking forward to go home, take off our clothes and go to play. We didn’t even think about eating food like other kids did after school. We just wanted to go and play. Our parents thought we were playing hide-and seek and soccer in the open fields but we did that for a few minutes and then embarked on our adventure. I always got a beating because I always came back home late.

We ran wildly in the mountains around village. We did not care about snakes or any other dangerous animal for that matter; we had fun to have. We touched the weirdest of things we found and sat there on the mountain looking at the whole village and it was such a great view. If you were a coward, you did not qualify to play with us because we went to the scariest of rivers and sometimes it was dark. So if you were a coward you were not going to survive because we laughed at anyone who cried during the scariest times in our adventure.

Now a boy, just two years older than some of us came into the village. Some of us were way younger than him but he wanted to play us and we did not mind for as long as he kept the rules: “You tell parents you were playing hide and seek when they ask you where you were. You don’t cry when you are scared. We don’t fight one another in the group. Are we clear?” I yelled at him as if to scare him away.

We ate wild herbs growing in the mountain and we did not care whether it was poisonous because it tasted good. We bumped into graves and those were the last thing to be scared of. We ended playing on the grave. There was this grave where we found an old mug and that was creepy but we took and played with it, why not? It was a lot of fun.

Now the new comer was just like us. Maybe it was because he was older than all of us but he gave us no problems. He told us that his mom told him a story that in the rivers there was a monster which took small children who disrespected their parents. We did that and we were not scared of the monster, we played in the river almost every day, it took none of us. Every time we were walking in the bushy, dark and creepy river in the afternoon, he would call the creature by name. Every time he did that there was a small breeze of wind and we appreciated it because as we ran, it got hot and the wind was nice.

All of us called it by name to scare each other and all my friends are gone. They just disappeared and I didn’t see them when they were taken from me. It’s been years since they have been gone and my parents have been keeping me from saying the name of the creature after I told them what happened. “Sister, you think your friends are going to come back?”, my frightened little sister asked me. “No the pi…” “Sister. Sister where are you? Sister!” My little sister cried while shivering and sobbing. It was late and our parents were not back yet. The lights went off. What happened?

The parts in red are how I lived my life with my friends when were young, but ti incoporated the parts written in red to turn this into fiction. My friends are still alive and well,infact they are grown young women and men right now.

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My voice

Once upon a time in the mountains of Thaba Chweu, lived a broken young girl in the village of Moremela. She wanted to be a singer with all her heart. She tried all she can find to train herher vocals but they remained bad. She would cry herselfherself to sleep because she was in so much pain. One day ,on a SaturdaySaturday morning, she decided to take a long walk in her village. When she realised that she was far from her home, she decided to turn back before it was dark

On her way back home she bumped into a shepherd. “Hello”, said the shepherd. “What are you doing here all by yourself ?” The shepherd asked. “I was just taking a walk but I am heading back home now sir.” She replied. The shepherd realised that by the time she gets home it would be veryvery dark and so he took her with him to get his cattle and accompany her home. She was so excited, she had never took care of any animal in her life. They sang and laughed. Her voice was suddenly the way she wanted it to be. “What do you think of my voice sir?” “It is such a beautiful voice young lady, you must sing more often.” He replied. She was so happy and kept singing.

poetry by Harvey 2

I wish I did not wish

Be careful what you wish for.

Been there but I regret my wish.

As a child it was my wish to know my father

I thought the pain of not having a father will be erased But nah

I furthered the pain far beyond my reach

I thought my life was a mess without a father figure.

Only to figure out it was gonna get more mess up

Now am asking the pain for mercy

How I wish I did not wish.

Some stones are better left unturned

All I wanted was the truth

But it was not what I expected

Because it brought me pain

I been trying to figure out how to heal

It brought pains to my mother

It brought pains to my family

It brought pains to those I love

It brought pains to myself,

pain I brought apon my self

Not all fathers that brought a child to the world deserve to be called a father.

By Harvey Nkoana



You said you know me well

And I asked how well do you know me

I was very amazed for you to say you know me

I asked my self how can you know me while I don’t know my self


I am a person with many sides

Everyday I discover side a I never knew

I call that self discovery

If you say you know me,

You know the good and happy side of mine

You don’t know the bad and sad side of mine


I choose to show people my good and happy side

Because I want them to do the same

Know one knows what I go through when am alone and in my own world

No one knows how anger transform me into a monster


Am happy I always manage to go back to the good person I am

I can’t claim I am the one who always manage to make my self happy

But with the mercy of the merciful Lord

Who been good to me since I was born,

I manage.




He was a very cute face but he lacked muscles and so she did not want him. That one wore baggy layered clothes and that turned her off. He had tattoos all over him and she disliked all men with such, she regarded them as dirty and uncool. As for that one he had the body she wanted but his voice was too soprano for someone with testosterone in him. Oh he sure as needed classes about dress code; he dressed like a hooligan.

Day after day, night after night she was lonely with her list of the traits of the right man. She walked in her suave clothes, with her eyes wide open to Google her potential ‘perfect man’… but her eyes could only spot the negatives. “Maybe if we hooked you up with Pat, he would make such a good man. You are getting old “. She wouldn’t mind him but his job was of lower standard than hers and so she feared disrespecting him.

poetry by Harvey


You gone to soon

You gone without a good bye

All I’m left with are



And hopes

You been there for me since day one.

You been with me while my mother was not there for me

But she was away to be there for me

In a different way ,

She hustled to provide for me

But not only me , for both of us

You been there while I had no father

Because I really did not have a father

I had a father at the age of two

You were my grandmother and my father too


All I wish is that I had spent a lot more time with you

Than we did

And I wish to make you proud

Not only you but my parents and all people

But mostly I want to make my self proud

You gone to soon

See you in the next life

Written by Harvey Nkoana


Love conquires all.

They Say love conquers it all.

Well I disagree.

Am I allowed to be free?

You will argue or agree.

If love really conquers it all,

Why do we cheat?

If love is so strong as concrete my words would be as sweet as candy.

Why do we cheat?

Why can’t we be loyal?

Why can’t we be faithful?

Why can’t we love our partners?

Or Is it true that there is no love?

It’s just a blueprint that blind hearts and minds.

Why am I crying facing this wall?

I wanna stand tall,

love keeps knocking me down but i crawl.

i wanna stand tall but i fall.

If love really conquers it all,

Why can’t it conquers cheating?

Why can’t it conquers lying?

Why can’t it conquers all the secrecy?

Why can’t it conquers all the divorces?

How many relationships have fallen down the drain?

Why does love drain all our energy?

Why does it leave us heart broken?

Why can’t it conquers all the misery?

And let us leave a happy life?

Why love…

Written by Harvey Nkoana


Romeo and Juliet


It has not rained in a long time. The heat waves were also unbearable in the whole country. They were always reporting about them in the news. Now those two loved to sneak. Their parents still followed old tradition and thought dating was not for high school kids. They sneaked out anyway.

They always met at their favourite corner, cuddled and whispered sweet nothing to each other’s ears. One family in their community was experiencing the most painful time of their life. The good news is that some parts of the country received rain but the storms passed with that family’s roof. Their house was left bare and it was the talk of the village. They did not touch the roof which was lying beside their house. The walls of the  house were still in a good condition.

The night was still windy just as it was the previous night when it rained. The love birds kept each other warm as they spoke about everything and anything. Their parents thought they were sleeping. They spent their windy night in their favourite corner, speaking about everything. The wind became too much and they just remained there in their corner, they couldn’t leave just yet.

The following morning, they were found lying dead just a few centimetres from their favourite corner. One of the women who went early to work found them lying there and screamed. Within a few minutes, community members had gathered there. Their parents got there just to faint in disbelief. They were gone, it was very clear. The paramedics confirmed it and took their parents to the hospital. The roof which was left untouched, got carried by the wind and the love birds were immediately visited by the angel of death.


Monday took her husband away


I don’t see him much. I have realised that he comes for a short while and leave. He came home to them just this past Friday. I sat outside the house and had my breakfast. I finished eating and headed straight to social media. I looked to the side just to see her standing at the gate. A few minutes later, the family car was coming out of the garage. A trip to town, I thought.

I went back to my social media and when I looked again he was leaving alone. She was now closing the gate. The main road was just a few meters away from their house and she stood at the gate watching him drive away. She waited until the car disappeared and dragged herself to close the garage door. She looked to my side and saw that I was looking at her and she hurried away.

I could see pain of watching him leave written all over her. Just this Friday he was there and Monday took him away. But he had to leave. They need him working to take care of them. He left for the mine and I wondered what his wife was now doing after hurrying away. Was she sitting down? Was she lying on bed crying? Was she doing house chores? I could not tell, Monday took her husband away.

Hello I am now on My Trending Stories. I think I just published my first article there.

I think I just published a post on my trending srories. I am still lost and don’t know know exactly what is happening but I will understand as time goes on what I am doing. This is my article that I posted there.


I was sitting in the computer and lab, doing my school work and this lady was talking about a blog she had opened. I realised there is something called blogging. I have been reading many blogs but it did not really sink into my mind that I am really reading material from a blog. So in that atmosphere, I kept that blogging thing in my mind and some other time I went to the lab to research about opening my own blog. I found WordPress to be the best medium and before I knew it I was pressing things and boom there was a blog.

I named it memoirs of karynD and from then I started writing my nonsense to show that I have never sat down and asked myself why I wanted to open a blog. I wrote my nonsense for a while, I kept on and without anyone engaging I deleted the blog. It showed I did not want a blog I just heard that girl and then I followed suit. But you see I have always had ideas and ways in which I want to write them down and reading other blogs and checking how they are structured I found that blogging is actually what I have been looking for and I opened a blog again. I gave it my two names Karyndimpho. I think although I have improved a little but I am still all over the place and this is a big sign I still haven’t decided what is my blog all about. Yes I have a clear picture of how my blog should be but I find myself writing about everything and anything. I do want it to be diverse but for now I feel am still all over the place.

The reason why I love blogging

Although I am still all over, I still love blogging because it enables you to post your stories and put the pictures where you want them to be. Social media choose where your pictures are situated and where the words are but in blogging you put your things where you want them to be. I also love the fact that in blogging you get to engage with other bloggers and get advice and guidance from them on some of the things you didn’t know or those you need to improve from. You also get to engage with bloggers.

Anyway before I say much that can be irrelevant, I became a blogger after hearing someone talking about her blog. I don’t know her to this day and I wish I asked her the name of her blog and then checked it out. But I don’t regret it blogging. At least now I can share my thoughts and stories with others and get input from them. I also follow other blogs and I get to read nice things and obviously engage with those bloggers through comments and likes. I still have a lot to learn but I will get there and so far I am happy with the progress. So how did you start blogging?