Colours to expect this spring

I have said in my post in the  that Pantone has one the colour of the year 2016. I have been doing my research to find out what will be trending this spring and I found that a few more shades of Pantone will be rocked this spring. These are some of the colours I found and I think they are nice. I have seen some students bringing floral in this early days of spring meaning that some may also rock floral colours. It wouldn’t be a suprise, it is spring after all. Colour is neede and it must be lighter and brighter according to me.

1. Buttercup

Traits: Happy, sunny

2. Lilac Grey

Traits: Neutral yet edgy

3. Fiesta

Traits: Excitement, free-spirited

4. Iced Coffee

Traits: Earthy, soft, subtle, stable

5. Green Flash

Traits: Unique, openness, unexpectedness

6. Limpet Shell

Traits: Clear, clean, defined, fresh, crisp, modern

7. Serenity

Traits: Calming, trusting, dependable

8. Rose Quartz

Traits: Gentle, compassionate, composed, reflective, lighthearted

I love the buttercup, Green flash, Fiesta and Rose quartz because they are light and bright, just how spring is suppose to be.

As for shoes I love the colourful pointy heels.

this is it for me on my second fashion post. Have a good one.

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.


Colour of the year 2016

I am not yet a fashionista 🙂 but I aspire to be one and so I try at times to check out the fashion scene. It has come to my attention as I was reading the Jet club Magazine that that even colours are winning awards and so I thought I should write my thoughts on this coolour that won the colour of the year 2016 which is Pantone ( Rose quartz and Serenity).


The first thing I want to say is, I am super scared of colour but I have never fallen inlove with a bright and fascinating colours like I did with this two shades of Pantone (Rose quartz and Serenity). They are beautiful worn together or individually. I believe that this colour does indeed deserve that award because it is beautiful and I like the fact that you can wear it as casual and formal wear.

It is great to wear on that red carpet event:

It is also a good colour to rock going to work:

Even on that casual day or a day out with the girls or guys you can still rock it, it is super gorgeous

You can wear it everywhere really, I for one love it and believe it fits with every season and every event of the day:

It is also beautiful in shoes as well:


It is also a beautiful colour for your nails:

You can even rock this shades of pantone on your lips ladies:

And another marvelous one, you can even rock shades of Pantone on your gorgeous eyes:


I am saying this colour is the best and the best for everything. Go Pantone go!!!!

Well that’s it for me on my first fashion post hope to hear your thoughts on the comments. Please tell me how to improve so that I can grow and share what is relevant to you.

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.

Beautiful things

So was just going through google plus after doing this horrible tutorial and this is what i bumped into to cheer me up. how beatiful.

20-ideas-para-peinar-el-cabello-largo-y-lucir-con-mucho-estilo-14 talk about beautiful fashion sense.I would rock this if I had the ka-ching.

22.07.16 - 1 I love all of them especially the colours.

16 - 116 - 116 - 1q16 - 1w16. 7. 25. - 1 as for the shoes I am more than willing to rob a bank but nevertheless i’d rather refrain from doing that. Is it me or this stuff is dope?