poetry by Harvey 2

I wish I did not wish

Be careful what you wish for.

Been there but I regret my wish.

As a child it was my wish to know my father

I thought the pain of not having a father will be erased But nah

I furthered the pain far beyond my reach

I thought my life was a mess without a father figure.

Only to figure out it was gonna get more mess up

Now am asking the pain for mercy

How I wish I did not wish.

Some stones are better left unturned

All I wanted was the truth

But it was not what I expected

Because it brought me pain

I been trying to figure out how to heal

It brought pains to my mother

It brought pains to my family

It brought pains to those I love

It brought pains to myself,

pain I brought apon my self

Not all fathers that brought a child to the world deserve to be called a father.

By Harvey Nkoana



You said you know me well

And I asked how well do you know me

I was very amazed for you to say you know me

I asked my self how can you know me while I don’t know my self


I am a person with many sides

Everyday I discover side a I never knew

I call that self discovery

If you say you know me,

You know the good and happy side of mine

You don’t know the bad and sad side of mine


I choose to show people my good and happy side

Because I want them to do the same

Know one knows what I go through when am alone and in my own world

No one knows how anger transform me into a monster


Am happy I always manage to go back to the good person I am

I can’t claim I am the one who always manage to make my self happy

But with the mercy of the merciful Lord

Who been good to me since I was born,

I manage.



poetry by Harvey


You gone to soon

You gone without a good bye

All I’m left with are



And hopes

You been there for me since day one.

You been with me while my mother was not there for me

But she was away to be there for me

In a different way ,

She hustled to provide for me

But not only me , for both of us

You been there while I had no father

Because I really did not have a father

I had a father at the age of two

You were my grandmother and my father too


All I wish is that I had spent a lot more time with you

Than we did

And I wish to make you proud

Not only you but my parents and all people

But mostly I want to make my self proud

You gone to soon

See you in the next life

Written by Harvey Nkoana


Love conquires all.

They Say love conquers it all.

Well I disagree.

Am I allowed to be free?

You will argue or agree.

If love really conquers it all,

Why do we cheat?

If love is so strong as concrete my words would be as sweet as candy.

Why do we cheat?

Why can’t we be loyal?

Why can’t we be faithful?

Why can’t we love our partners?

Or Is it true that there is no love?

It’s just a blueprint that blind hearts and minds.

Why am I crying facing this wall?

I wanna stand tall,

love keeps knocking me down but i crawl.

i wanna stand tall but i fall.

If love really conquers it all,

Why can’t it conquers cheating?

Why can’t it conquers lying?

Why can’t it conquers all the secrecy?

Why can’t it conquers all the divorces?

How many relationships have fallen down the drain?

Why does love drain all our energy?

Why does it leave us heart broken?

Why can’t it conquers all the misery?

And let us leave a happy life?

Why love…

Written by Harvey Nkoana


Blood may be thicker than water

This poem here is written by a good friend of mine Harvey and I hope you will like it.

Blood may be thicker than water,

But what matters most is love,

without love the thicker blood is useless.

How many brothers and sisters have killed each other?

How many children killed their own parents for their inheritance?

How many family members have betrayed each other?

Because they got no love.

How many families are not talking to each other?

How many children are abandoned by their biological fathers?

How many children are sold to the devil by their

Parents to become rich?

How many innocent lives are taken by family members to hide their wrong doings?

Blood is thicker than water but…….

Written by : Harvey Nkoana

Us not you or I

For you I stand firm knowing we will be together
Have yourself a chance at me and know I’m yours.
I don’t want anyone except for you,
But I belong to God before you and so do you.
We are not for lust to each other, But love in Christ.
Forever we will be If God still agrees to have us together,
We are crazy for each other, not out of Our mind though,
My heart beats for you, and non besides your love.
You are my health, my woman, you are strong,
You are who I love, waiting for you is worth waiting.
Your are my family, strength in Christ Jesus, your also mine in Christ
Make your heart in my heart, and rest assured you are safe-
Some day we will be in one anothers hands and you In my arms.
Catering for your needs is my duty, yours is known when we love each other.
I could describe cities we can be in, But first would love to be in your heart first,
would really love to make you my and I want to make you my wife-
lets not dress marriage as the enemy, we are to become one.
many have lost the battle by fighting marriage and not for marriage-
If God be for us then who can be against us, for we belong together.
Lets build our home together and not I alone for the foundation God has begun
Fear not when I say I got this, for its because I know you got this too,
And if we got this both of us, lets give it to God for its from our hearts
Tear down the walls, and I tear mine too, and lets extend the house.
No I nor YOU, but we are…For God in purpose UNITED ..TILL LIFE TO US APART …

written by: Karen Mathe

I am really impressed with the work of this guy, he is really good.

What is your choice?

Choose your Ruler,
And accept all that comes with him.
You can choose God and sin,
Your enemy will be the devil.
With God you fight all the battles the enemy bring.
You cannot choose the devil and be righteous.
Your enemy will be God.
With the devil you will have to fight against God,
What a losing battle that would be.
You cannot serve them both.
They want different things.
Choose the one you can satisfy.
You want life, choose God.
You want death, choose the devil.
Choose the one who will make you happy.
The one you will be happy to serve.
The one you will doubt not.
It is your choice human being.
Without force you can choose,
The one whom you will be in agreement with.


We were in the same grade,
We were not seating near each other.
You would do your business
I would do mine.
You were very invisible to my eyes,
And I to yours.
You did not run around like the rest of the boys.
So you hardly existed in my eyes.
But there was this day,
I do not know where my eyes were going,
I just had to bump into you.
A hard working boy.
My eyes did not move for a moment.
You were doing your business,
Mine was now you.
That was the day which marked the journey of pain in my heart.
I saw you,
But I was invisible in your eyes.
My life everyday was turning upside down.
You, oh you.
Even after many lifetimes had passed,
I still remember you.
I wish I had told you.
I just could not.
There had always been pain in my heart.
I was angry at you,
I did not want to see you ever again.
But it was not your fault,
It was my eyes.
I was just only invisible in yours.
We were in the same grade…


I’m yours even without wealth, but my heart.
For not even the army could separate me from you,
You make me stand even when you doubt me.
Your heart is where I would like to lay my treasure which God
Has from my heart, you’re a virtuous woman as I call you,
And besides you there could be no other…you’re perfect for me
Call me guilty if I am, rather you are the first lady to my heart.
The gap of years doesn’t dictate yours and mine but Joined by love,
Status could not break me, for I have mine unlike others.
I walk my walk unlike others, for to you it’s all enough.
I crave not to be someone I’m not but yours only.
Would like to take you out when the restaurant is empty,
For I know there I could be myself, letting you know is very deep.
Would love to know the best food to please you, for I know but a few.
Fancy for now is not what I know, for so long have I longed to be at times
Not known to stores around branded with names, I’m but a stranger.
Would really like to hang my label where I never bought.
Would love to get wisdom so to please of being more wise, what would I do?
Have not much for now, but honest, my heart, faith In God,
Unless you want more now, that I don’t have, for I can offer you my prayers,
Although every man seems to be doing prayer, but I have my testimony.
Keeping you is my testimony for you unveiled the God in me I thought I knew
In competition with the best I would lose, but I’m a blessed man amongst Men.
Hide not your heart form me, and I promise I won’t hurt you. Don’t compare yourself to others your all I want, learn to trust me and I do trust you

written by: Karen Mathe