It’s #Tuesday #shoesday #chooseday and I choose the castelo fringe shoe. These kinda shoes are trending right now and they are a must have.




It is Tuesday

I choose a shoe

Tueday #Shoesday

I am a big fan of heels I won’t lie. So on this beautiful Tuesday of woman’s day, why not post about shoes.

for those daring women who like them red and bold. Be it pointy or not they are still red and sizzling hot.

I know I am scared of colours like yellow or green but I wouldn’t mind rocking these heels on a sprinf time.

How about some gold. I like the pointy one what about you?

Nude colours are the it thing these days. I love them too and I will so be owning some soon 🙂

Who sad black is not nice? It is good for almost all professions at work and you can wear it anywhere else. Black shoes match with everything.

I close the show with blue for today. Happy shoesday ladies.

What were your favourites heels from this Louboutin collection of heels?