Gone with the goat

They left the village when he was just a few months old. His father had just got a job in the city and they moved there. They visited the village in the summer school holidays during his early years as a toddler but they stopped. His father became very broke, things started not to go well for him at work. He had to drop out of his degree that year because there was no money for his tuition fees. So they went back to the village. Their house was close to collapse because they had abandoned it as they lived in the one in the city.

His father fixed there and there and they stayed without problems. He was an inquisitive environmental studies student. He loved studying about nature more than anything. He had already made friends in the village and he enjoyed being with them. His father was told the reason why things were not going well for him was because the ancestors were angry and that he needed to perform a ritual to appease them. His son always laughed at the idea of dead people being angry and giving commands for a goat to be slaughtered. He mocked the idea from the beginning of the preparations for the ritual until the day the ritual was actually taking place.

There was a forest in the middle of the community. It was untouched and respected. It was a place for the ancestors and they rested there. Rituals were performed there to make them happy. People were always warned that if they just went randomly, they would never come back. So everyone kept their distance from there and the forest was really beautiful. He loved how those people practiced resource management although he felt they should not scare people when doing it.

He accompanied his parents to do the ritual and they were tied on the face so they don’t see anything that the elder who was performing a ritual for them did. The elder also closed his eyes after slaughtering the goat because they were not allowed to see the ancestors when they take the goat. He kept on laughing and commenting about the money wasted, how funny all they were doing was. There was a sudden wind, accompanied by the scariest of sounds. It sounded like angry people were talking. Everyone was shivering and really scared. They did not get what was happening. The violent wind was gone after a few minutes. It was like someone was there to do something and leave.

They were still tied with a bandana on the eyes and the elder still had his eyes closed. He complained saying, “a mild tornado passed and you don’t untie us? What if it was huge, what then? Hey don’t touch me, untie me. Hey stop touching me and get rid of your bandana, this ritual thing is a waste of time.” There was a sudden moment of silence and when his parents opened their eyes to see, the goat and their son were gone. Who was touching him?

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My voice

Once upon a time in the mountains of Thaba Chweu, lived a broken young girl in the village of Moremela. She wanted to be a singer with all her heart. She tried all she can find to train herher vocals but they remained bad. She would cry herselfherself to sleep because she was in so much pain. One day ,on a SaturdaySaturday morning, she decided to take a long walk in her village. When she realised that she was far from her home, she decided to turn back before it was dark

On her way back home she bumped into a shepherd. “Hello”, said the shepherd. “What are you doing here all by yourself ?” The shepherd asked. “I was just taking a walk but I am heading back home now sir.” She replied. The shepherd realised that by the time she gets home it would be veryvery dark and so he took her with him to get his cattle and accompany her home. She was so excited, she had never took care of any animal in her life. They sang and laughed. Her voice was suddenly the way she wanted it to be. “What do you think of my voice sir?” “It is such a beautiful voice young lady, you must sing more often.” He replied. She was so happy and kept singing.

Falling in love with my wife


It was an arranged marriage. He didn’t want her but he married her to obey his dad. He grew up in the the villages and he has been a very good boy. His parents never had trouble raising him. Many boys when they went to city to study, they abandoned their poor, old parents immediately when they found a job. But he came back to build them the biggest house never imagined and took good care of them. He was a modern man though, he did not believe in culture anymore. He had his girlfriend of five years whom he met at university. He hated his dad for planning him a marriage. He decided in his heart that he was going to torture his wife until she files for divorce.

“City girls corrupt our boys, have you seen how Duma behaves, he no longer has any respect for his parents. Children of today are trouble but you my son, you make me very proud” he said to him while they were sitting under a tree in the yard. He smiled, did all they told him just to make his father and mother happy. His younger brother, whom he was taking to the best university in the country was also looking up to him. He wanted to be like his older brother.

The wedding was out of this world. He planned things they had never seen before in the village and everybody spoke about it even after when years have passed. The young man took his wife to his house with family members ushering her in. It was a big house, many thought it was hotel, “hahaha it’s a house”, his father said as his friends seemed confused as to whether they were in a house or hotel. The family and friends who brought the bride to her house, slept over and went on their way the following day.

She had just finished her matric and her results showed she was a university material. She just wanted to go to school, she didn’t want a man yet but she was taught well in carrying out her duties as a wife. To a shock of her life, he sat her down and told her he didn’t love her and that he just married her just because it was an arranged marriage. He also let her know that there was a woman in his life and that she should not be surprised when she comes to the house. He asked her to move to a guest bedroom and she did not have a problem, she did not want him either. She never fought him and all the disrespect he and his girlfriend gave her,  she was just happy to be going to school. She was a future doctor and had to put her energy in the seven years that she had to complete instead of two strangers she did not know.

Moments passed and what they did began to bug her. It was her house. It was her husband. The girlfriend did not belong there. It was wrong of her to wreck her home. She carried her duties in the house and made sure he was well taken care of. She always threw his girlfriend’s clothes outside and told her to go and wash them. The girlfriend was a thing. She had no morals and obviously had no respect. There was a time he was out on a business trip and she came to the house to throw her weight around but she found herself in jail because the wife had called the security company saying there was a thief in her house. The security knew the wife and not the girlfriend of seven years now. Hee husband yelled at her and these days it was so painful. She loved him and his words now hurt.

She sat down thinking and she got very angry. He was an adulterer. He cheated right on her face, he did not deserve her. He slept with her in their bedroom. She never wanted to sleep there ever or even with him. He was filthy.  She stopped doing anything in the house except cooking and washing for herself. She left the dirty dishes on the sink and when they came back expecting to find food, they were welcomed by dirty dishes. Even though he was modern, he expected his love to do woman duties but his love believed in maids. That was the reason their relationship has been on and off for the past five years. The wife got cheeky when summoned to clean up after herself. She mentioned her education and walked out. The house became a mess that the wife wanted to clean up but it was not her house.

She cried every night as she wondered whether she will ever accept him in her life. She did not believe in divorce. The girlfriend did a good job in ruining their relationship by just struggling to wash dishes. He kicked her out and after hours of begging she got nowhere. Nobody was going to buy her fancy clothes, expensive jewellery and take her to luxurious vacation. She sobbed as she walked to catch a cab. Yes, she was told to keep the clothes and jewellery but leave the car behind. She was also told to find an apartment she can afford because he was no longer going to pay for the one he got her. He called an agency to arrange him cleaners and his house was a home after they touched it. He missed her but she only wanted money and not him.

He even forgot there was another woman in the house, his wife. She was always buried in her books and made sure not to spend most of her time in that house. He had never really set his eyes on her. In the midst of his darkest time on a rainy day, she came back from school. He looked at the door ready to kick out the person coming in because he forgot about his wife’s presence. She got in and their eyes met for the first time in their married life. He had never seen something so beautiful. She walked to her room and he was left amazed. He sat down and watched his TV but his mind was far away.

He scaled down his work and was able to see his wife when she left for school and when she came back. He did not know he disgusted her. She greeted him politely and he couldn’t even see the fury raging in her eyes. She was tidying up the house again, washed and cooked for him. He had missed her food. There was just a touch of her beautiful hands in the house and he felt warm. His colleagues were commenting on how he looked good again, his ex-girlfriend could not even iron well he only bought him crazy clothes that found their way out of the house as his wife took over again. She really suited everything about him and he realised that now. She slept in the guest bedroom and had no dream of going back to that bed,she was still hurt but never showed. She made him laugh, calmed him down when work threw him with lemons. He was known to be arrogant and hot tempered by his employees but he was different this days. She was not ready to go to that bedroom but she took good care of her husband.She was truly a good woman as he was planning to ask her to come back to their bed. The one she belong to, the one she never wanted to see herself sleeping in even he bought a new bed. She simply wanted a new house, a house for them and only them.


Romeo and Juliet


It has not rained in a long time. The heat waves were also unbearable in the whole country. They were always reporting about them in the news. Now those two loved to sneak. Their parents still followed old tradition and thought dating was not for high school kids. They sneaked out anyway.

They always met at their favourite corner, cuddled and whispered sweet nothing to each other’s ears. One family in their community was experiencing the most painful time of their life. The good news is that some parts of the country received rain but the storms passed with that family’s roof. Their house was left bare and it was the talk of the village. They did not touch the roof which was lying beside their house. The walls of the  house were still in a good condition.

The night was still windy just as it was the previous night when it rained. The love birds kept each other warm as they spoke about everything and anything. Their parents thought they were sleeping. They spent their windy night in their favourite corner, speaking about everything. The wind became too much and they just remained there in their corner, they couldn’t leave just yet.

The following morning, they were found lying dead just a few centimetres from their favourite corner. One of the women who went early to work found them lying there and screamed. Within a few minutes, community members had gathered there. Their parents got there just to faint in disbelief. They were gone, it was very clear. The paramedics confirmed it and took their parents to the hospital. The roof which was left untouched, got carried by the wind and the love birds were immediately visited by the angel of death.


Monday took her husband away


I don’t see him much. I have realised that he comes for a short while and leave. He came home to them just this past Friday. I sat outside the house and had my breakfast. I finished eating and headed straight to social media. I looked to the side just to see her standing at the gate. A few minutes later, the family car was coming out of the garage. A trip to town, I thought.

I went back to my social media and when I looked again he was leaving alone. She was now closing the gate. The main road was just a few meters away from their house and she stood at the gate watching him drive away. She waited until the car disappeared and dragged herself to close the garage door. She looked to my side and saw that I was looking at her and she hurried away.

I could see pain of watching him leave written all over her. Just this Friday he was there and Monday took him away. But he had to leave. They need him working to take care of them. He left for the mine and I wondered what his wife was now doing after hurrying away. Was she sitting down? Was she lying on bed crying? Was she doing house chores? I could not tell, Monday took her husband away.

The heart break

She popped in to say hello. She always did everyday by checking his timeline to see what he has posted. She always looked at the pictures and logged out with a smile. She checked his recent post, just to find that he is been taken for three years. “Three years ago in this day I was on my knees, convincing you to give me chance and I am happy to say that, that has been the biggest day of my life. Here I am today, the happiest idiot in the world because of you” he captioned his post with a picture of his love in it.


Unnecessary catfight

She was madly inlove with him. She bragged about him to her friends. Everyday they were ready to hear what is it she had to say about him. The y on the other hand were always compaining about their boyfriends. She found out he was cheating on her and her friends who were very experienced about dating, told her to be a woman and fight for what is hers.

The seven high school girls, sniffed and digged who the man snatcher was. They found her and she was going to pay, they discussed. They went after her when school was out. They gathered around her and insulted her infornt of all the learners who were gathered to see what was happening. The ladies threw words at each other and cat fifght began. The girlfriend was winning while the side chick was receiving a lot of hot blows.

The boyfriend was just hanging out with his friends in the school yard when he heard there was a cat fight. Not jnowing who was fighting, he and his friends rushed to see the fight. High school kids enjoyed cat fights a lot than their school work. He got there just two find two familiar faces and it came to his mind that they were fighting for him.

He got in the middle of the two girls and his left his girlfriend in a shock of her life as he picked the side chick over her.

Engagement gone wrong

They have been dating for two years now and it has been a lot of bliss. He couldn’t wait to marry her. She has always been a hot and cold person but he tolerated it, he loved her so much. She made him very happy that even her on and off atittude did not bug him. This day she is happy, tommorrow she is not. He has been trying to find out why is this happening but without success.He took her out on a date and they bonded. He wanted to tell her that it was time they got married.

I am more than ready to be your husband. You are the reason for my smile, the reason I look foward to a brand new day. I can’t wait to sleep right next you and each and everyday of our lives

She was filled with a lot of smiles and teas of joy. He took out a box, put it on the table and opened it. She looked at it with her hands on her chest. She looked at him and smiled knowing the question that was going to follow afterwards.

Mandy, will you marry me?

She looked at him feeling insulted, took her blazer and bag bag “go and marry someone else” and she walked away. “Mandy! Mandy! What is happening!” He was so confused, he did not understand what he had done wrong. He was torn as he took the box with a ring in it and closed with tears going down his cheeks so fast as he look at the door where she went out.

He did not kneel down when asking her and so she walked away.

I don’t

It took awesome days praparing. The bride and groom were so excited for the big day. “Chaairs, red carpet…” the bride ticked on the list. She was hands on in the preparation of her wedding. The big day had finally come and how beautiful everything.

“I love you so much. You are the best gift I have received in my life. I will cherish you forever, I don’t know what I have done to be the luckiest woman in the world that I get a man like you. This day marks a new journey for us and I am so ahppy that we are finally get to walk in it together as one. I love you so much.” The bride said with tears of joy going down her cheeck.

He wiped the tears, with a smile on his face. He looked at how gorgeous she was and he smiled.

” Firstly, I want to take this time to thank you for all the time you spent with annoying me during our engagement until this day. I am so honoured and really greatful that you have found me worthy to be the man that is perfect to be your husband. You are a beautiful woman and fortunately for single guys, I will not be able to marry you?”

He walked away.

She slept with his best friend the night before their wedding.

Left on the altar

“People want ansewrs

It Tuesday

I love them, they still mean a lot to me.

What theynasked of me was something I could not do.

So I walked away.

I know I shocked them, people think I am a bad person.

In this beautiful Tuesday, I choose my daugter.”

He posted on his Instagram account. They were a celebrity family and very well known. He had just walked out of his parents and ex-fiance on their wedding day. They ask him tochoose bettween his daughter and them: they told him he will make another one. He simply left his shocked fiance on the alter, furious parents and went to his little girl. He still had one more battle to fight: getting the mother of his child back into jis life. He was still head over heels in love with her.