WCW: Natasha Thahane


We crushing on the beautiful, dimply and twenty one year old Natasha Thahane.



Nandi Madida


Our woman crush wednesday on karyndimpho.wordpress.com is none other than the beautiful Nandi Madida. Still getting used to Madida since we all knew her as Nandi Mngoma.

I love her beautiful smile guys I could steal it if I could. She really is a queen and a very inspirational woman. I really do look up to this woman she is the best. She is the best definition of inspiration and I love how she carries herself as young woman.


I have alredy mentioned her smile is the best.


She has just released her fashion label colour and it is the best as well. I really love this woman and congradulations are in order for her marriage and baby on the way.

Until the next crush. Who do you crush on and why? comment with your crush.